Does Jesus ‘have to’ be God?

There is no miracle about a created being coming here.  There have been billions of created beings here.


Yet many notice a ‘difference’ in Jesus.  And yes, many today could be said to hate Jesus Whom they have not met, who lived on this earth long ago.

Yet again, millions ascribe changed lives, even miracles to Jesus.


If we read and trust scripture, we read that Jesus took on the…form…of a man.


Ask yourself?  What happens if Jesus does not ‘have to’ be God.



The Parable of the rich man and Lazarus Explained

Source: The Parable of the rich man and Lazarus Explained

I do see it as true.  It was before Jesus Resurrected so nobody going to heaven yet…Jesus is firstfruits.


The rich man’s sin was ignoring…knowingly the poor man whom he knew, having a hard heart.  Lazarus suffered, broke no laws, went to Paradise.

I think the ppl might have known them.  A single flame might not be as strong.

Pot calling kettle black.

To call out one’s President elect in front of people known to support you,

to call DOWN the PRESIDENT is no better.  This shows NO RESPECT for

the highest authority in the land.  Would she do this to Obama?  Ever?

Obama reads from telescripts so this doesn’t happen.  Trump does ‘off the cuff’

and doesn’t realize how it seems.  Tact and respect were missing from Merle Streep.

And I assume she is no Trump supporter so this is more than an incident, but

an attempt to undermine him.